Aims and Objectives

Design, create and maintain a sustainable on-demand education platform, mobilising the EdTech and XR community from the EU, providing a central access point to existing solutions and contributing to a leading position for Europe in cutting-edge while ensuring the European values of privacy, ethics, and inclusiveness.

XR4ED will pursue its implementation through a set of SMART objectives split into three main categories:

  • Scientific & Innovation Objectives (SO)
    • SO1: Enhancing XR technologies for education
  • Technological Objectives (TO)
    • TO1: To implement an innovative sustainable on-demand education platform, mobilising the EdTech and XR EU community
    • TO2: Formulating privacy and ethics standards for the XR EU community
  • Business objectives (BO)
    • BO1: To boost the use of the platform by reaching out to potential user groups
    • BO2: To deliver a pan-European multi-sided platform for education, training, and learning, validated through tendering and a set of representative long-lasting demonstrations
    • BO3: Delivering a sustainable ever-growing ecosystem of collaborating organisations in diverse domains, fully utilising the XR4ED platform and renovating XR in education-related sectors



Financial Support for Third-Party Projects via Open Calls

XR4ED will support start-ups, SMEs and industry active in the sector of education with Cascade funding. Two types of calls will be announced comprising 10 projects (up to 230K) each in six thematic pillars

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Content Creation and Exploitation
  • Awareness for climate change and biodiversity challenges
  • Training of Young Professionals
  • Distance and Blended learning
  • Accessibility and Inclusion

More information can be found at the official website: