Maps are not just lines, points and symbols assembled as pictures. Maps constitute one of the most powerful cognitive vehicles to explore and describe the world, but also to express ourselves metaphorically. CYBERCARTO project focuses on the development of an innovative cartographic language, new visual variables, multisensory representations, multimodal interaction, and tools that help enhance spatial thinking skills and develop truly map-minded spatial citizens.


CYBERCARTO has five objectives:

  • Evaluation of state-of-the-art cartographic cyber manifestations, online mapping tools, and ubiquitous geosystems and services
  • Analysis on how and if digital technologies and geoservices foster spatial thinking
  • Analysis of multi-sensory representations and suitable multimodal interfaces
  • Implementation of new-generation cyber cartographic products
  • Development of theoretical and design principles for cyber maps and other visualizations as breakthrough contribution to cartography regenerated.

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